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Getgems is a decentralized NFT marketplace running on TON blockchain. It allows users to create, buy, sell and collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


NFT Trading:

  • The platform allows you to buy and sell NFTs
  • Two types of trading are supported – fixed price and auction mode
  • Users can bid for the NFTs they want to buy
  • Getgems allows you to track the price of NFTs to make informed buying or selling decisions
  • Getgems provides detailed information on the number of owners, sales and bid history

NFT Creation:

  • Getgems has simple mint functionality that makes it easy to create NFTs
  • Users can customize their NFTs by adding description, tags and other parameters
NFT creation on the Getgems platform


  • Getgems allows users to communicate with each other, leave comments on NFTs and share them on social networks
  • Telegram and X communities exist, where you can share news and ask questions to other community members
  • Getgems organizes various events, contests, raffles and AMA-sessions
Popular Collections

Popular Collections

  • Telegram Usernames – a catalog of collectible unique usernames from ~143,000 items.
  • Telegram Anonymous Numbers – a collection of anonymous limited edition numbers. Some lots are especially valuable among collectors due to their uniqueness. 136,600 numbers were issued as NFT.
  • TON DNS Domains – a collection with names that can be given to crypto-wallets, smart contracts or websites. The total supply is 56,000 NFT.
  • TON Diamonds – promises owners exclusive privileges in TON ecosystem and early access to new NFT digital releases. The circulation is 10,000.
  • Notcoin Pre-Market – within days of the Pre-Sale launch, the collection ranked first in trading volume for the week. Notcoin players were able to convert NOT tokens into 10 and 100 million NOT vouchers in the form of NFTs.


NFT collections use a rarity attribute called «Rarity». It shows how much more valuable one NFT is than another from the same collection. The lower the «Rarity», the rarer the NFT is, the more valuable it is. The creators of the site do not recommend to rely only on the «Rarity» value, but to independently study what makes an NFT special.

How does determining Rarity on the Getgems site work?

Example of rarity partitioning

When an artist launches his collection totaling, for example, 1,000 items, all of those items have attributes that describe a particular NFT. Some attributes are more rare than others. As an example, let's take the Fanton Fantasy Football. NFT with soccer players used in the online game of the same name.

The total number is limited to 28,000 cards, which are divided into Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Rare – number is higher than the others, 56%. These NFTs are considered common, their playing characteristics and cost, compared to the rest, are less.

Epic – these cards are much smaller in number – 33%, they have better gaming characteristics and, accordingly, their cost is higher than that of Rare.

Crypton sweatshirt

Legendary – is the smallest and rarest part of the whole collection - 11%. It includes famous players with the best performance in soccer. The holder of such cards has an advantage over other players, as the value within the collection is the highest.

Do not forget that the value of NFT is not only based on rarity, it can also be influenced by the open interest of the community, uniqueness, history, authorship and additional privileges.

As an example of an NFT with privileges, you might consider Crypton's collection of tokenized NFTs with 2024 New Year's sweaters.

NFTs can be kept as a collection, or can be exchanged for a sweater with shipping (depending on location), after which the NFT itself is burned.

Guide to working on Getgems

To fully utilize the Getgems site, you will need an activated and topped up TON wallet.

When you first enter the Getgems website, you can immediately connect your wallet for authorization. After that you will be able to buy, sell or bid on NFT auctions.


To buy NFT, you can use the search box or select a collection from «Top Collections» on the home page of the site.

Popular Collections

After selecting the collection and the item you like, you have to place a bid, in case the NFT is placed on auction. If there is a possibility of instant purchase, you can buy the selected item by clicking the «Buy» button and confirming the transaction in your wallet.

Once the payment is made, the NFT will appear in the user's profile under the «Purchased» tab.


NFT Sales Form
  • Connect your wallet.
  • Select the item «Collections».
  • Click «Put on Sale» and after selecting the type of trade (fixed or auction) enter the sale price.
  • Confirm the action by paying the fee using your wallet.

NFT is put on sale, after its successful sale you will receive a notification in your wallet.

NFT Creation

To create NFT – you need to prepare materials:

  • Image in JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG format
  • Name and description
  • Some amount of TON coins on the wallet balance

Next, you can proceed to create (mint):

  • In the user profile, click the «Create» button.
  • Select the type of upload – Single NFT or Collection.
  • Upload an image, title and description.
  • Specify the fee for the creator from 0 to 30% (with each subsequent sale of the NFT, its creator will receive a % of the sale amount).

After filling in all the specified fields, you will only have to pay the network fee for creating the collection item – after which it will appear on your wallet.


The Open Network has some of the lowest fees among all blockchains.

On Getgems, a mint of one NFT costs 0.05 TON per gas + 0.02 TON service fee — ~0.07 TON.

Also, to call a contract, the account must have at least 0.3 TON to pay the fee the blockchain returns most of this amount back (~98%), minus the gas fee, which is generated based on network load and fluctuates slightly.


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