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Notcoin is the largest Web 3 game that works on the «Tap-to-earn» principle within the Telegram messenger.

The main task of the user is to click on a coin on the smartphone screen, increasing a coin balance.

The game's founder is Alexander Plotvinov.


Beta testing began in October 2023, and the game instantly spread to the TON community.

The initial testers assisted the team in identifying bugs and errors.

Through this interaction, the Notcoin team improved their product and prepared for the official release. By January 1, all early balances were reset.

The game was officially released on January 1, 2024 at 00:00 hours, to the sound of the chimes. In just 1 month, it went viral among 20 million users. Such a timeframe is a record among crypto games.



To begin mining coins, launch @notcoin_bot

Each click = 1 Notcoin.

The game has Boosters, pumping which you increase:

  • Multitap – increases the number of clicks with a single click.
  • Energy limit – increases energy reserve.
  • Recharging speed – increases the speed of energy recovery.
  • Auto Tap bot – a bot that collects coins while you sleep, active for no more than 12 hours of your absence.

There are also rockets in the game that appear suddenly and increase your multitap, while energy is not spent, and coins are mined. The multitap increase is always random.

Additional earnings

The game has a «Earn» section, where affiliate tasks appear, performing which you can earn from 100,000 Notcoin and more. The tasks are very simple – mainly subscriptions to channels (most often of the TON ecosystem) and site visits.

Thanks to the affiliate program, Notcoin gets more than 200,000 new users every day.

The First Skin


Notcoin are burned when pumping boosts, with each new level the user will have to spend more and more coins.

The guys from the team came up with additional burning mechanics – the first Skins appeared in the game. Instead of the usual «coin» skin that has been annoying for months, it is now possible to buy the «Nuka-Cola» skin for 2,000,000 Notcoin.

Later, many other Skins appeared, which could be obtained for partner quests, as well as simply purchased for balance.

The «Easter Egg» Skin

Easter Eggs

At some point, users noticed that at a particular frequency of clicks, letters appeared on the screen. Many tried to collect words and phrases from them. In search of a clue, people looked for information in chats related to the game.

Users had to type commands in Morse code.

In the end, a black, beautiful skin appeared. There are other passphrases.

Zeroing-out balances

Another solution was the zeroing of inactive accounts. Users who hadn't logged into the game in over a month were subjected to gradual balance cuts – up to a complete reset. Thus, the team decided to reduce the number of bots and leave only active users.

«Trade» button to create a voucher


In March 2024, the team announced the launch of Pre-Market.

The game now features a 'Trade' button, through which you can convert your balance into an NFT voucher and begin trading it on the «GetGems» marketplace, TON blockchain, for the Toncoin cryptocurrency.

There are only 2 denominations of vouchers to exchange – 10,000,000 and 100,000,000 Notcoin.

The vouchers will have the same value as the balance in the game.

When the coin is listed on exchanges, both can be exchanged for NOT. Therefore, it is up to the user to decide whether to sell NFT now or wait for the listing.

Liquidity for exchanges

The team announced that 20% from the sale of all NFT vouchers will be channeled into liquidity for listing on exchanges. Already, total sales on the marketplace exceed 864,000 TON, which means that more than 173,000 TON will be invested in the liquidity of the coin.

The first results of the experiment

Notcoin brought more than 20 million new users to Telegram and the TON blockchain. The project's community in Telegram has already exceeded 4 million people. According to Twitter, Notcoin has become the #2 trend in the US.

According to Alexander (the founder of the project), Notcoin is a big experiment, the mechanics of which are invented and added as development progresses.


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