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Tonkeeper is the first non-custodial wallet in TON ecosystem. It is a secure and confidential wallet for storing Toncoin, TON Jettons and NFT tokens. The wallet has a simple and intuitive interface, it is available on various platforms, including web browsers, PCs and mobile devices.

Storage of crypto assets

  • Tonkeeper allows you to store and transfer Toncoin and other tokens issued in TON network.
  • The wallet supports multiple addresses, allowing for asset sharing.
  • It is possible to store and transfer NFTs on TON blockchain.

Sending and Receiving cryptocurrency

Interface of the funds sending section

For transfers, Tonkeeper uses TON network, which allows processing hundreds of thousands of transactions per second with minimal fees.

The application supports QR Codes for fast and convenient transfer of cryptoassets between users.

Tonkeeper supports domain names (TON DNS). You can bind a short address like domain.ton to your wallet — it is more convenient to use than a long combination of characters.

The wallet interface displays the user's transaction feed. For detailed information from TON blockchain, you can use Tonviewer or OpenViewer, which are built into the wallet browser. The browsers can be used to check smart contracts, transaction comments, fees and the full path of the transaction.

Tonkeeper works on TON network, which means that to transfer and store coins from other ERC20 or BEP20 networks on the wallet, the user will need to wrap (convert) them. There is a special bridge for such transfers — bridge.ton.

Buy Cryptocurrencies

You can buy cryptocurrency inside Tonkeeper wallet using a bank card. It is also possible to connect to services for exchange and purchase of cryptocurrency — DeFi platforms or ordinary crypto exchanges.

Staking and Liquidity

Tonkeeper users can earn from staking using the platforms available in the wallet – Tonstakers, TON Nominators and TON Whales.

With the wallet, the user can authorize on DeFi platforms — and DeDust, provide liquidity and get rewarded for it in tokens.

Yield on Liquidity Pools at 27.03.24

Anonymity and Security

Tonkeeper is positioned as a wallet that provides anonymity. Here are some features of Tonkeeper that contribute to this:

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) is not required to create a wallet.
  • Tonkeeper does not store personal information about the user such as name, address or phone number.
  • The wallet is built on a decentralized architecture, which means there is no single point that can be attacked for hacking.

When creating a wallet, the user receives a seed phrase — a secret key consisting of a combination of 24 words. If this key is lost, access to the wallet is lost forever.


«Collections» interface

Since June 2022, Tonkeeper supports NFT within TON network. In addition, the wallet now has quick access to Getgems, TON Diamonds and Fragment platforms. Users have the ability to manage their NFTs:

  • Create
  • Transfer
  • Store, collect
  • Sell


2020 – the first version of Tonkeeper wallet for Android and iOS is released with support for basic functions – sending and storing TON.
2021 – Tonkeeper v2.0 supports TON Smart Contracts. The wallet is integrated with TON DNS, users have access to simple and short wallet addresses instead of a set of symbols.
2022 – NFT support is available in version 3.0. The wallet is integrated with TON Bridge, users can transfer assets between TON and other blockchains.
2023 – Version 4.0 supports decentralized applications (dApps). TON Swap integration is set up for fast Toncoin and other tokens exchange.


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