The Open League

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The Open League

The Open League (TOL) — is a large-scale competitive program of the TON community, aimed at attracting five million new active users to the TON ecosystem within a year.

The idea for The Open League was born in the community, it was voiced by Jack Booth, Chief Marketing Officer of the TON Foundation at The Gateway conference in the fall of 2023:

«It's the Premier League for Web3 projects, where TON is the country and Telegram is the stadium».

The initiative was supported by ~99.5% of voting community members.

SBT for the completed task in the TOL Pilot Season

The main focus is on attracting new users and supporting development teams launching their projects on TON or migrating from other blockchains.

Program Plan and Objectives

  • Pilot Season started in January 2024 and was a run-in before the start of Season I. The goal is to attract 500,000 new users to the TON ecosystem.
  • Season I — April 2024. The goal is to attract 1,000,000 new users to the ecosystem.
  • Season II is scheduled for September 2024. The goal is to attract 3,500,000 new users to TON.

Between Seasons, periods are set aside for analytics and coordinating the continued progress of the program, during which time additional initiatives within «The Open League» may also work.

Rewards structure

The Open League's innovative reward structure at Level 1 includes SoulBound (SBT), which are non-transferable tokens earned by completing various tasks.

At Level 2, the program should introduce XP (experience points) rewards that can be exchanged for Toncoin.

It was originally intended that XP would be raffled off in a weekly lottery, and SBTs would be used as lottery tickets for those drawings. However, details on XP distribution and other details are not yet available. It is expected that more details about future actions for the next one to two months will be known in April 2024. What is known is that the XP program is designed to last a year or more. Changes in terms and mechanics are possible, as they are still being fine-tuned and tested.

The Open League

The Pilot Season

The Pilot Season was announced to begin on January 29, 2024.

Users had to complete simple quests inside TON Community bot about large-scale ecosystem products.

For each quest passed, the user received SBT to his wallet. And, having passed all quests, could brand the final SBT of the Pilot Season.

Junior Pilot SBT

Pilot Season results

  • DAU (active users per day by wallet): +350%
  • Ecosystem token holders: +195%
  • Number of daily traders on the blockchain: +710%
  • Daily trading volume: +624%
  • Liquidity Providers: +550%
  • TVL Volume on decentralized exchanges: +244%

According to the results of the Pilot Season, users who completed all quests were rewarded with Junior Pilot SBT. In addition, an airdrop of 16,222 Toncoin was held among them and users who completed all quest tasks received 10 Toncoin to their wallets.

On the TON Society website, you can see all users who have completed the quests, as well as the amount of SBT each has collected so far.

Liquidity Provider Incentive Program

Increased liquidity pools under TOL

For users

In March, a large-scale 1M TON liquidity provider incentive program was launched to increase TVL on the two major DEX ecosystems – and You can trade directly on exchanges or inside Telegram – in The Open League: Liquidity Pools mini app. Thanks to the program, APR of some liquidity pools reached +700%. For example:

The boots were valid until April 1.

For projects

The Open League featured competitions between projects in four categories:

  1. Tokens
  2. Apps
  3. DeFi
  4. Liquid Staking

The top voted projects shared the $560,000 prize pool.

Leaderboards for each category are available here.

Trading Tournament

The Open League Trading Tournament, a trading competition for Influencers aimed at promoting The Open League, started on March 19.

The task of Influencers who received 5,000 Toncoin at the beginning of the tournament is to increase their balance. The winner will be the participant with the highest Toncoin balance at the end of the competition.

  • Prize pool of the competition between Influencer Teams: 85,000 Toncoin
  • Prize fund of the competition between Team Owners: 30,000 Toncoin

Until March 25, any user who has at least 10 Toncoin on his balance can join the teams. In case his «squad» wins one of the prizes, he will also receive a part of the reward.

The contest runs until April 1, 2024.

The Open League. Season I

April 1 marked the start of Season I of The Open Leaguе. While the amount of rewards in the Pilot Season was 1M Toncoin, in Season I the TON Foundation will distribute 30M Toncoin (~ $150M) over three months. Projects will still compete for prizes and users will still be rewarded for their online activity.

In Season I, the total reward pool will be distributed among the participants of the four blocks:

  1. League
  2. Mining
  3. Quests and Airdrops
  4. Increased Liquidity Pools


The Open League, Season I: Big League Projects

The prize pool is 5M Toncoin

Suitable for experienced developers and anyone else who is interested

Web3 projects compete for prize money in two leagues: Big and Small, with constantly updated rankings in the leaderboard. At the end of each Season, the two most successful projects from the Small League move to the Big League, and vice versa. Winners will be able to keep the reward for themselves or share it with the community. Every project has a chance to start with the Small League!


Projects can apply to participate in Small League Season I at TON Research in the Apps, DeFi, and Meme categories.


The prize pool is 22M Toncoin

Suitable for ambitious startups

Some projects on TON have become legendary in just a few months, showing that development in Telegram requires two main tools — a referral program and a system of community incentives. The experience of Notcoin, Catizen, and Pixels in attracting tens of millions of users is a great help to young teams.

Quests and Airdrops

The prize pool is 22M Toncoin

Suitable for newcomers to cryptocurrencies

Quests are one of the easiest and most fun tools to quickly immerse newcomers into the world of projects on TON. The reward for successfully completed quests in TON Society is SoulBound tokens.

Increased liquidity pools

The prize pool is 40M Toncoin

The program will facilitate the inflow of new liquidity due to increased APR in the pools. Projects in the Big League will receive 50K Toncoin each to boost rewards in their liquidity pools. No additional action is required for DeDust exchange users to continue receiving the boost in the liquidity pools participating in The Open League.

How to earn in The Open League for beginners?

  1. Start with token mining. To get free ecosystem tokens, you can try: Arbuz Clicker, Kingy GM bot, Pixels и Catizen.
  2. Keep an eye out for upcoming quests, be an active Web2 user and get airdrops! For example, PEPE DROP.


The online hackathon, organized by TON Foundation and The Open League, runs from March 26 to June 1, 2024. This hackathon is expected to mark the starting point for the exponential growth of the TON ecosystem.

The Open League Hackathon

The hackathon prize fund is $2M.

Participants are developing new solutions in DeFi, GameFi, eCommerce, Web 3 Social on TON and Telegram.

In fact, this 8-week hackathon is a platform for quick entry into The Open League with all its opportunities.

The most promising projects will be able to receive funding from TON Ventures (the fund size is $500,000).

The best teams will also be able to meet TON Foundation representatives live at The Gateway conference in Dubai in April and present their projects there.


The Open League is a program that is dynamic in terms of timing and large-scale in terms of reach and remuneration, which every user, influencer or project can join.

The organizers' hypothesis is simple — if all it takes to recruit an audience and scale it to tens of millions of users is a mini-application in Telegram, the decision to join will soon become obvious to most.


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