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Telegram Mini Apps is an open platform where you can create and share crypto apps and games to Telegram's 900M audience. These are simple web apps that run directly in Telegram and are created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Key Features:

Example of a Mini App

Mini-apps in Telegram work directly from chats and groups, opening inside the messenger without the need for a separate installation. They also offer a variety of features: mini-apps can be games, content tools or productivity boosters. The mini-apps work through Telegram on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. Built-in bots help make mini-apps interactive and automated.

Advantages of Telegram Mini Apps:

  1. Telegram mini-apps can be monetized in various ways, such as in-game purchases, subscriptions or advertising.
  2. Simple user registration using Wallet (a wallet integrated into Telegram).
  3. Telegram Mini Apps provide integrated cryptocurrency and regular payments (including Google Pay and Apple Pay).
  4. Projects associated with TON (The Open Network) can use Telegram Ads (Telegram's business advertising platform) to launch advertising campaigns and attract new users.
  5. Telegram provides free tools and APIs for developers to create applications and integrate them with the platform.
Connecting a wallet in the Mini App

Telegram Apps Center

Telegram Apps Center — is a catalog of applications created by third-party developers. It is an open platform aimed at increasing the market of bots, mini-apps and games in Telegram. Telegram Apps Center is a convenient tool for hosting and promoting applications in the Telegram ecosystem.


  • 1.2M active users per month.
  • Up to 150K launches per application.

Trending Apps — is a community-driven channel on Telegram that showcases apps from third-party developers. Trending Apps helps TMA (Telegram Mini Apps) become visible to the audience. New projects and major updates to existing ones are published on this channel. Each post can bring up to 50 thousand users.

Examples of Mini Apps



Wallet — is a Telegram-built wallet that allows you to buy, sell and exchange crypto-assets. It supports sending cryptocurrency through Telegram chats without commissions between users. The multi-checkout feature allows you to send cryptocurrency to multiple channel users at the same time, which helps attract new audiences. A P2P («Person-to-Person») Market can be used to buy or sell cryptocurrency at the market price.



TapFantasy — is a P2E («Play to Earn») game in the form of a mini-application for Telegram in the MMORPG genre.

In less than six months, the game has attracted more than 1.5 million game users and almost 400,000 daily active users (DAU).

  • 24K connected wallets.
  • 11.7K users own the Tapfantasy $MC token.
  • Integration of tokens and Web3 mechanics into gameplay.

The Open League Pools

The Open League is an app that makes it easy to participate in The Open League incentive program.

It provides information about projects and their tokens and offers direct links to liquidity pools. This makes it easy to interact with and services and keep up to date on which project tokens are currently popular. is a decentralized DeFi platform developed on TON blockchain. has a simple interface and direct integration with TON wallets. The platform is based on asset exchange using Hashed Timelock Contracts (HTLC) for secure transactions. guarantees high liquidity, stable prices and a high level of security without accessing your tokens or asking for personal information. It helps users manage their assets and conduct trades right in Telegram.

The Open League Pools

How do I create a Mini App?

You can create a Telegram bot via BotFather in Telegram by using the /newbot command and following the instructions: create a bot, specify its name and username.

To register Mini App in BotFather, the /newapp command is used, after which Mini App is linked to the previously created bot. The app becomes available via a link of the format{mybot}/{myapp}.

To use Mini Apps as a web interface for the bot, the /setmenubutton command must be applied to BotFather.

The web app link must be accessible via a direct link with HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). Telegram supports two ways to set this link:

  1. Setting a link to the bot’s menu button: the /setmenubutton command specifies the link and the name of the menu button.
  2. Setting a direct link: the /myapps command is used to select the desired application and the «Edit link» button is used to set a new link.

Important: Telegram only accepts links with a valid SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer is a security protocol that creates an encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser) and using the HTTPS protocol. In a test environment, you can use IP addresses directly.

Stages of development:

Application development is a continuous process that requires constant optimization to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

  1. Writing code: using various tools and libraries helps speed up the process of creating high-quality code.
  2. Testing: test automation helps to detect bugs at early stages, ensuring application stability and performance. Integration of automated tests into the development process reduces labor costs for manual testing.
  3. Debugging: constant tracking of logs and bugs using code debugging tools allows you to find and fix problems faster. This reduces time spent on troubleshooting and reduces developer workload.
  4. Deployment to Production: using HTTPS-enabled hosting simplifies the deployment process and increases security. Automating the deployment process reduces the risk of errors and facilitates teamwork.
  5. Support: regular testing and updating of the application ensures its relevance and stable operation. Ongoing support and monitoring allows you to quickly respond to emerging issues and minimize their impact.

Tools for TMA development

Telegram Ads

TMA documentation

The documentation contains all the information you need to build, test and deploy applications on TON blockchain. This is an open collaborative initiative — all documentation can be edited via GitHub following simple instructions.


Telegram Ads

Telegram Ads — advertising in Telegram in publicly available channels. Every month, 900M users generate 1T views in such channels. Advertising in Telegram does not use users' personal information, but is based on the context of the channels where it is placed. To customize an advertisement, you just need to write up to 160 characters, add a link to the project and select channels for placement. Payment for advertising can be made with the cryptocurrency $TON.


Community is an application designed to help administrators develop their groups, channels, and applications.

Community administrators can provide users with many useful features, such as participating in quests and competitions. They can also organize token giveaways. All of this is available in the simple interface of the Telegram app, which makes it user-friendly. The app is also useful for those who don't manage groups, as it allows them to join new projects, participate in various events and earn rewards.


Tonstarter — is the first TON-based platform designed for early-stage crypto projects to participate in tokenizations. This platform provides startup tools and helps TON-based projects to grow their audience, raise funds and market their products.


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