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TON Storage

TON Storage —  data storage in the TON (The Open Network) network. TON Storage allows individual users and services to store any data, files of any formats and volumes (videos, GIFs, pictures, text documents).

TON Storage — basic peer-to-peer technology. The files are stored on the user's computer as before, but once uploaded to a data store on the TON network, they are available for download to everyone.


In TON Storage, you can encrypt access to a file and limit the number of users. As an example, you can use the user's wallet key (Wallet).

System operation scheme

You don't need to buy cryptocurrency or make any transactions to start using TON Storage.

At its core, TON Storage uses DHT (decentralised hash table) technology to search for files uploaded to the system.

TON Storage Features

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The system uses DNL protocol and Merkle tree (Merkle tree), which divides downloaded files into fragments, which makes the search more efficient and secure.

The main difference between TON Storage and other torrents is the ability to upload data sites in addition to regular files and store them off-chain rather than on-chain.

The advantage of TON Storage technology is that files located on the TON network are considered to be intact and immutable. If a user downloads another user's file from TON Storage that is open for distribution, the user automatically becomes its storage node. A copy of the file begins to multiply, and users around the world download files directly from each other. TON Storage ensures data security by a special smart contract between the user and the storing node.

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Installing and running TON Storage:

Storage daemon — an application responsible for reading and writing data to storage devices.

Storage-daemon-cli — a console (command line) program for managing Storage Daemon.

Tonutils-Proxy — multithreaded client proxy.

Device parameters for operation in TON Storage:

  • device parameters for TON Storage;
  • at least 1 GHz and a 2-core processor;
  • minimum 2GB SSD RAM;
  • minimum 2 GB (not including space for torrents);
  • 10 Mbps network bandwidth with static IP;
  • Linux/Windows/MacOS OS.


  1. TON Storage Website