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STON.fi_Logo is a decentralized exchange on the TON Blockchain using an Automated Market Maker. The project provides low fee and slippage, a multifunctional user interface and direct integration with TON Wallets.

$STON is a utilitarian token of the project, embedded in the basic mechanisms of the protocol. Token holders can participate in service management and express preferences for development through voting. was founded in 2022 with the goal of developing a user-friendly decentralized exchange aimed at mass distribution among the audience of the Telegram platform.

$STON Tokenomics

Total supply: 100,000,000,000 $STON distributed across key areas of the ecosystem.

$STON Allocation Ecosystem



Swap (exchange) is a tool for secure transactions with cryptocurrency assets. Swap uses the AMM (Automated Market Maker) model — users trade directly with each other without traditional orders at fixed prices.

DEX is based on smart contracts where users create liquidity pools, which is a mechanism where participants contribute their assets, creating a pool for exchanging assets on an exchange.

Transactions are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring security and transparency. The exchange provides an extensive selection of assets for trading and uses the DAO voting system to make important decisions in the ecosystem.



The Pools module is a tool where users contribute their funds to provide liquidity to trading pairs. They are managed by a DEX smart contract. The pool provides fast and secure transactions as it allows traders to instantly exchange tokens without waiting for other users. Liquidity Providers are rewarded with a percentage of each transaction.

Providing Liquidity

Users can contribute assets to Liquidity Pools and receive Liquidity Providing Tokens that confirm their participation and display the percentage of assets in the pool.

  • Benefits of contributing Liquidity to Pools — rewards for providing liquidity, which users receive in the form of trading commissions, proportional to their contribution, as well as farming rewards.
  • Farming rewards allow users to earn additional tokens by participating in APR-enhanced farms, which provide additional rewards for investing LP tokens.

Farming is a method of income generation in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) where participants receive additional funds for providing Liquidity. This process involves staking of Liquidity Providing tokens and receiving rewards in the form of $STON tokens, TON tokens and rewards in the token provided.

Under the The Open League incentive program, farms receive additional funding and users receive an increased percentage to earn.

Users place tokens into Farming Pools on DEX, where assets are stored securely and available for withdrawal after 21 days. Profits are made up of fees for trading operations on the platform.

The most popular Liquidity Pools by TVL TVL (Total Value Locked) on the platform:

Popular Pools

However, it is worth remembering that providing Liquidity and participation in Farming involves impermanent losses. Therefore, risks should be carefully assessed before participation.



Staking — the process of depositing and then locking coins on a smart contract. The tool provides the ability to use $STON tokens to participate in the protocol management process and receive rewards.

Staking Information

Staking allows for rewards and two new tokens:

  • $ARKENSTON ARKENSTON.png — a unique Soulbound token with platform management capabilities. Upon $STON staking, the user receives an equivalent number of $ARKENSTON tokens for user's wallet. These tokens give the holders voting rights and the ability to participate in discussions and decisions to improve the protocol. The coin cannot be sold or transferred to another person. Once the $ARKENSTON staking time is over, the ARKENSTON can be destroyed and given back to $STON.
  • $GEMSTON GEMSTON.png — a flexible token for platform participants. When providing a $STON token, the user receives $GEMSTON in an amount proportional to the amount of coins contributed. The token can be sold and transferred to other people. The future of the $GEMSTON token is at the disposal of the DAO. Community members make decisions about the circulation of the coin and the finalization of the functionality. Development Plans

Phase I:

  • Exchanges TRON USDT and TON without specialized bridges directly on the exchange.
  • Development of SDK for cross-network operations and integration with other projects.

Phase II:

  • Expanded support for blockchain networks, including Polygon and EVM networks.
  • Implementation of Stableswap routing technology for optimal path selection for token exchange and scaling operations.

Phase III:

  • Implementation of Trustful mechanics for cross-network transactions and fund management across multiple networks.

Phase IV:

  • Creation of a cross-network Telegram Bot with cross-chain interactions.
  • Implementation of a platform management system for DAO.

Phase V:

  • Add functionality for trading with limit orders and margin trading.
  • Implementation of the gasless exchanges technology using any coin for payment of fees.


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